What should we do if there is a misunderstanding in Chinese characters? Four ways to solve it easily!


Many parents may have encountered the following situations, which are confusing:







Such jokes often occur in the stage when children are just beginning to learn Chinese, moms and dads have tried their best but can't solve it.In fact, the reason for these problems is that they have not been able to memorize Chinese characters, so how can we help children accumulate vocabulary?



In fact, normal children will be interested in characters at a certain age, so parents do not need to be too anxious, just need to discover children's interests in time and respect the actual level of children, and guide children to learn independently in the right way.



Some parents are in a hurry to let their children read a lot when they learn to express simple sentences, which is not right, because we need to pay attention to children's emotions, do not force, deliberately accumulate vocabulary may be counterproductive, so that children lose interest in character.

 vocabulary- scarf


So we can carry out parent-child reading,through a lot of reading, which can not only allow children to understand and remember Chinese characters in the situation, but also improve children's ability to perceive Chinese characters. Beginners can choose some picture books with pinyin, through the form of pinyin + picture + text, continue to read independently for a period of time, and slowly master more Chinese characters.




Parent-child reading needs to pay attention to the fact that too much emphasis on literacy will destroy coherent reading, but only understanding the story without emphasizing literacy will make the goal of literacy unrealized, how to do it more scientifically?


  • 指读Finger reading


Help your child get into the habit of using a pen to circle key words, as well as difficult words, and then explain their pronunciation, meaning, and usage to your child. By circling the key points, children can quickly focus on the Chinese characters to be learned, and in the subsequent reading, as long as they encounter these words, they can naturally remember.


  • 联想association


After knowing a Chinese character, be sure to review it in time. When reviewing, you can give a word and let the child associate words and make sentences, so that they can learn to use these words.


  • 创造语境Create context


When reading picture books, children can understand the meaning of words well in combination with the situation, but children may not use them alone, so we can change the context of these words and let children understand the different uses of these words. For example, "照" can be "照片photo.n.", "照相photograph.v." or "照射irradiation.n.".


  • 举一反三Learn to use


With the previous foundation, children can master some Chinese characters, and when they learn other new words, they will be able to read through the rules between Chinese characters. For example, Chinese characters such as 草字头, 女字旁, and 三点水 are generally related to radicals, which can help children better understand the meaning of Chinese characters.



Finally, we can start from the origin and connotation of Chinese characters to understand the laws of Chinese characters more deeply, which will be of great help to children to learn more and more difficult Chinese characters in the future. If you want to know more about how to help children accumulate vocabulary, you can pay attention to HanTok Chinese character course, we have a professional Chinese character course system to help each student quickly improve their vocabulary. Chinese character learning is a long-term process, haste makes waste, We hope parents give children enough patience so that they can see the effect!