Reading Comprehension: Practical Tips for Chinese Exams

Reading Comprehension: Practical Tips for Chinese Exams

Reading comprehension is a common question type in Chinese exams, testing students' Chinese language understanding and application abilities. To achieve good Chinese results in reading comprehension, students can adopt some effective techniques.This can help improve the score of the reading comprehension question type, which in turn improves the overall Chinese score.

Carefully Read the Questions

Before reading the Chinese passage, carefully read the questions and understand their requirements. Pay attention to keywords and qualifiers, which can help you quickly find the answers in the passage.


Grasp the Structure

While reading, grasp the structure and main theme of the passage, understanding its context and key points. You can understand the main idea of the passage by reading the first and last sentences.


Mark Key Information

During the reading process, use a pencil or highlighter to mark key information and important sentences. This will help you quickly locate the required information when answering questions.

Read in Sections

For longer passages, read in sections and understand them step by step to avoid information overload and comprehension difficulties.


Reasoning and Inference

Some questions may require reasoning and inference based on clues and implications in the passage. Be skilled at analyzing the information and making reasonable inferences.


Pay Attention to Conjunctions and Cause-and-Effect Relationships

Some questions involve conjunctions and cause-and-effect relationships in the passage. Carefully distinguish the meanings of these words and understand the logical connections in the passage.


Avoid Subjective Speculation

When answering questions, base your answers on the content of the passage, avoiding subjective speculations or personal opinions.

Read and Practice More

Reading comprehension is a skill that requires reading and practicing different types of passages to gain experience and techniques.


Train Speed and Accuracy

Focus on training your reading speed and accuracy to improve the efficiency of answering questions.


Summarize and Review

After completing the reading comprehension questions, summarize and review your experiences and techniques for better preparation in the next exam.

By applying these practical techniques, students can better cope with reading comprehension questions in Chinese exams, improve the accuracy and efficiency of answering questions, and achieve better results.If you want to know more about Chinese reading comprehension question types, or seek the help of professional Chinese teachers, you can follow HanTok reading comprehension course, we believe it will definitely help you!