Tips for Answering PSLE Reading Comprehension Questions

Tips for Answering PSLE Reading Comprehension Questions

PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) is an important exam that Singaporean primary school students must take, and the reading comprehension section is a key focus of the PSLE each year. This section requires students to read and understand passages and answer related questions. To help students excel in PSLE reading comprehension, this article shares some practical answering tips.

Carefully Read the Chinese Questions

Before reading the Chinese passage, start by carefully reading the Chinese questions. Understanding the question's requirements and focus will help you search for answers within the passage more effectively. Sometimes, the question itself may provide clues to the answer.


Preview the Chinese Passage

Before delving into the Chinese passage, take a quick look through it to grasp the main theme and structure. This will aid in better comprehension and quicker identification of relevant information.

Focus on Keywords

While reading the Chinese passage, pay special attention to keywords and phrases that are often repeated in the questions. These keywords can guide you to the correct answers.


Highlight and Annotate

Use underlining or annotations within the passage to emphasize important information and key details. This will make it easier to find answers when responding to the questions.


Keep an Eye on Time

In PSLE reading comprehension, time is typically limited. Ensure that you complete each question within the allocated time. If a question is particularly challenging, consider skipping it and returning to it later if time allows.

Practice Regularly

Regularly practice Chinese reading comprehension exercises to improve your reading speed and Chinese comprehension skills. You can use past PSLE papers or other Chinese practice materials for training.


Background Knowledge

Sometimes, passages may touch upon topics that require background knowledge. If you're unfamiliar with a particular subject, it's advisable to acquire relevant knowledge beforehand to better understand the passage.


Critical Thinking

Some questions may require you to synthesize information from different parts of the passage and engage in reasoning and analysis. When answering such questions, ensure that your responses are logical and coherent.


Thoroughly Proofread

After completing each question, set aside some time to carefully proofread your answers. Check for spelling, grammar, and answer accuracy.



Last but equally important, maintain confidence. Believe in your Chinese reading and comprehension abilities, and don't let a challenging question undermine your self-assurance.

By employing these answering techniques, you can navigate the PSLE Chinese reading comprehension exam with greater ease. Remember that reading is a skill that requires practice, so practicing more Chinese comprehension exercises is key to improving your reading comprehension abilities.