Interpretation of Singapore's Latest Education Policy (2023)

新加坡最新教育政策解读(2023)Interpretation of Singapore's Latest Education Policy (2023)


Interpretation of Singapore's Latest Education Policy (2023)


As a model country for elite education in Asia, Singapore has been attracting highly qualified personnel from all over the world in recent years. Its educational philosophy is to give priority to high-quality educational resources to meet high-quality students and maximize educational benefits.



In these years, Singapore's education policy has changed somewhat, so let's take a look at what are the policies related to students today!


一、AEIS考试取消英语科目,改为参加剑桥英语认证测试(CEQ)The AEIS exam cancels English subjects and takes the Cambridge English Certification Test (CEQ) instead.



AEIS exam, the Unified Entrance Test for International Students, passes the exam to enter Singapore government schools, AEIS test subjects are English and mathematics for primary and secondary school students . The latest policy indicates that students applying for the Primary School Entrance Test do not need to take the AEIS English test, but need to take the Cambridge English Certification Test (CEQ), while secondary schools maintain the previous policy.



CEQ contains four aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing, while AEIS only reading and writing, which obviously makes students' English comprehensive ability requirements higher, but the advantages of CEQ are also more obvious, because CEQ has many test sessions, and the preparation and test are not limited by location, and the most important thing is that you can take the test until you get a satisfactory result.



In addition, when applying for AEIS Mathematics, students must take the Cambridge English Certification Test within the previous 12 months and pass the score line set by the Ministry of Education before they can take the AEIS Mathematics test.


二、2023年开始取消中小学各年级的年中考试Mid-year examinations for all grades of primary and secondary schools will be abolished in 2023


Singapore's Minister of Education stated that this will allow students more time to explore the fun of learning and develop talents with new skills for the 21st century, and we will continue to review the content and assessment requirements.



The purpose of these changes is to promote cultural change, stimulate students' internal drive, learn to learn independently and master the skills that must be possessed by new talents.


三、2024年将取消分流制度,改用“科目编班”制度In 2024, the diversion system will be abolished and the "subject placement" system will be used instead




Before explaining the new policy, let's take a look at the "diversion" system. Singapore has been diverted from the third grade of primary school, from GEP to PSLE, and the direction of further education is determined by grades. Students with the best grades can go directly to prestigious schools, and those with intermediate grades can enter the top ranked secondary schools and study in a 4-year express class, and students with lower grades will be sorted into neighborhood middle schools or 5-year ordinary classes.



  1. G1基础水平:相当于工艺班
  2. G2标准水平:相当于普通班
  3. G3高级水平:相当于快捷班

From 2024, all secondary schools in Singapore will implement the "subject placement" system, although schools will still be allocated according to PSLE results, but there will be no more diversion. Students can choose the level of subjects they study according to their test results and their own abilities: G1, G2, G3.

  1. G1 Basic Level: Equivalent to 工艺班
  2. G2 Standard Level: Equivalent to 普通班
  3. G3 Advanced Level: Equivalent to 快捷班



The new assessment will not be categorized according to the student's score, but will be classified according to the student's performance in different subjects. The new subject placement system is designed to allow students to "regain their freedom" and take subjects of different difficulty levels according to their ability in their subjects.



In other words, if students think that their mathematics, physics and chemistry scores are better, then all three subjects can be taken on G3 difficulty,English and Chinese can choose G1 difficulty. "This will make the entire education system in Singapore more personalized."


四、2027年开始中考不再分为“O-Level”、“N-Level”,改为全国统一考试,颁发相同的毕业证书Starting from 2027, the middle school entrance examination will no longer be divided into "O-Level" and "N-Level", but will be replaced by a national unified examination, and the same graduation certificate will be issued

在这之前,报读中学时可以选择下列五种课程:快捷课程、普通(学术)课程、普通(工艺)和特长教育、IP直通计划、中文特选课程(Chinese Special Programme),选择前两种课程的学生可以在中学四年级时参加O-Level考试,考试成绩决定该生可以升入高中、初级学院或理工学院。

Prior to this, students who enrolled in secondary school could choose from the following five courses: Express Course, General (Academic) Course, General (Technical) and Specialty Education, IP Direct Program, Chinese Special Programme, and students who chose the first two courses could take the O-Level examination in the fourth year of secondary school, and the results of the examination determined whether the student could enter high school, junior college or polytechnic.



However, from 2027, all secondary school candidates will take the same exam and will receive the same certificate upon graduation. The new certificate will only show the subjects, levels and grades taken by the student.



The above is the interpretation of Singapore's latest education policy.In general, Singapore's latest education policy is more diversified, systematic, and more able for all students to play their strengths, while also improving their independent learning ability, which is worth learning. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to the latest news on the official website of the Ministry of Education of Singapore, or add HanTok customer service WeChat for detailed consultation!



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