PSLE Chinese examination 5 key tips for review the question



PSLE Chinese examination 5 key tips for review the question


The new semester has begun, and children in Singapore will start preparing for the PSLE exam again. According to past experience, it has been found that the reason why many children answer the questions wrong is not that they cannot do the questions, but that they cannot read requirements of the question, resulting in misunderstanding the meaning of the questions, and the answers will of course be wrong, which is often found by themselves when the test paper is sent out, and can immediately say the correct answer.


Therefore, in addition to carefully learning knowledge, children also need to master some key skills of reading questions. These tips not only help us understand the questions faster, but they can also help us achieve better results on the exam. Here are 5 key tips, let's take a look!


[Tip #1: 注意问题类型]

[Tip #1: Pay attention to questions types]


Before reading the question, we need to determine the type of question. For example, a question looks at asking us to answer a question, choose the best answer, or provide a short answer so that we can determine what needs to be answered before answering the question and not miss important information.

[Tip #2: 注意图片]

[Tip #2: Pay attention to images]


If there are pictures in the question, be sure to read the picture carefully and make sure that you understand all the information in the picture, many pictures of the question contain the key information of the answer, and the picture can help us understand the question, so as not to miss the details and lose points.

[Tip #3: 注意题目的关键字]

[Tip #3: Pay attention to the keywords of the questions]


The keywords in the question can help us determine what needs to be answered, so we need to read the question carefully and make sure we understand the keywords. This way we can determine what needs to be answered and not miss important information.

[Tip #4: 注意标点符号]

[Tip #4: Watch for punctuation]


Punctuation can help us understand the meaning of the question. Read punctuation carefully when doing questions. This helps us answer the question correctly and without misunderstanding the meaning of the question.

[Tip #5: 注意题目中的其他信息]

[Tip #5: Pay attention to other information in the question]


There may also be other important information in the title, such as time, place, people, etc. Please read the questions carefully and make sure you understand the information. Focusing on other information avoids confusing answers.


By using these key tips, we can read questions faster and achieve better scores on the PSLE Chinese exam. Children must keep these skills in mind and practice before the exam, coupled with daily hard work, and prepare well, children will be able to achieve better results in the PSLE exam!