3 minutes to figure out the three exam systems of AP, A-Level and IB



Chinese parents who have immigrated overseas should be familiar with this title, but it may be difficult for most parents to explain what these exams are. Today we will explain it in detail for you, hoping to help you!


  • 美式AP,英式A-Level,欧洲IB

  • American AP, British A-Level, European IB

AP:AP是美国大学的先修课程(Advanced Placement),不可以兑换文凭证书,而是高中学生如果有时间和精力,可以提前修读大学的课程,升入大学之后可以直接兑换大学学分,学生一般都是在决定报读美国的大学之后才会修读AP课程。

AP: AP is an advanced placement course of American universities. It cannot be exchanged for diploma certificates. However, if high school students have time and energy, they can take university courses in advance. After entering the university, they can directly exchange for university credits. Students generally take AP courses after deciding to enroll in an American university.


A-Level:A-Level是国际高中文凭课程,是源自英国高中教育体系(General Certificate Of Education Advance Level)。很多国家和地区的高中教育体系是A-Level的本地化版本,比如中国香港(DSE)和新加坡(中学O-Level)。A-Level支持学生选择自己擅长的5-6们学科参加国际性考试,并以最优异的3-4门成绩去报读世界各地的大学。

A-Level: A-Level is an international high school diploma course, which is derived from the British high school education system (General Certificate Of Education Advance Level). The high school education system in many countries and regions is a localized version of A-Level, such as Hong Kong, China (DSE) and Singapore (Secondary O-Level). A-Level supports students to choose 5-6 subjects they are good at to take international exams, and apply for universities around the world with the best 3-4 subjects.


IB:IB则是另一个国际文凭课程IBDP(International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme)的简称,在欧洲国家盛行。IB要求学生文科和理科兼备,并且学生修读学科的同时,还要掌握多门语言、参加课外活动、撰写毕业论文等。

IB: IB is the abbreviation of IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme), another International Baccalaureate Programme, which is popular in European countries. The IB requires students to have both liberal arts and sciences, and students must also master multiple languages, participate in extracurricular activities, and writing graduation thesis, etc.


  • 三种考试体系的科目难易及区别

  • The difficulties and differences in the subjects of the three examination systems




From the above, we can see that the IB course is the most demanding for students and can be compared with the domestic college entrance examination.


  • 三种考试体系的优势总结

  • Summary of the advantages of the three examination systems


  1. 申请大学时有优势


  1. Have an advantage when applying to universities

Universities in the United States use students' performance on AP exams as an important measure of their ability to study in college.


  1. 获得大学学分,节省学费


  1. Get college credits and save on tuition

In general, it costs more than $1000 to take a college course, but it only costs $92 to take the AP exam, and it can be redeemed for credits in college, and an AP course can be exchanged for 3-6 credits.


  1. 学习能力和未来发展潜力的证明


  1. Proof of learning ability and future development potential

AP courses are closely related to university-related majors, and their results can reflect students' learning ability and future planning ability.


  1. 世界名校通行证


  1. World Famous School Pass

The results are recognized by thousands of universities in more than 160 countries around the world, and after graduation, students can go to any university in the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, Europe, Asia and other countries.


  1. 课程权威,国际认可度高
  • A-Level受众广,英联邦国家大学均认可其成绩,如果A-Level成绩不错可以直接申请英国名牌大学。
  1. The curriculum is authoritative and highly internationally recognized
  • A-Level has a wide audience, Commonwealth universities recognize its results, if A-Level results are good, you can directly apply to prestigious universities in the UK.


  1. 学习时间短,课程设置合理


  1. Short learning time and reasonable curriculum

It only takes 1-2 years to study A-Level, and its curriculum consists of more than 70 subjects, but students only need to take 3-4 of them.



  1. 申请大学录取率高


  1. High acceptance rate for applying to universities

Studies have shown that students who study the IB program are more likely to be admitted to the world's top universities than students from other education systems.


  1. 进入大学后表现一般优于其他学生


  1. After entering the university, the performance is generally better than that of other students

The core requirements of the IB curriculum are to cultivate students' creativity, action, independent thinking and critical thinking, which makes students who study the IB curriculum perform better than other students when they enter university.

      3. 其标准符合国际教育和教学的最佳实践要求

3. Its standards meet the best practice requirements of international education and teaching





The above is the knowledge we share with you today, if you want to know more, welcome to leave us a message!