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b HanTok Singapore Course / One-to-One Online Chinese

b HanTok Singapore Course / One-to-One Online Chinese

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  • Warm reminder: For your own benefit, HanTok recommends that you register no more than 60 lessons at a time.
  • Synchronous courses in Singapore: Advanced Chinese, Primary Chinese, O-level, PSLE, MOE syllabus, etc.;
  • Suitable for Singaporean primary school students and junior high school students aged 6-15 years old;
  • Compiled in accordance with the Chinese textbooks for MOE primary schools in Singapore;
  • The course content is adapted to Hong Kong’s local examination and further education needs;
  • Targeted exercises are set up in conjunction with the PSLE ​​exam, focusing on the all-round improvement of the four major abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing;
  • Including synchronous Chinese courses in primary school and special writing/reading/oral examination courses;
  • Professional and high-quality Chinese teachers, 1v1 live online, real-time interaction;
  • 45 minutes per session, input/output/summary, complete learning closed loop, just a more solid grasp;
  • Efficient curriculum design, each child has an exclusive learning plan.
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    The learning account is the mobile phone number or email address you filled in when you paid for the order;

    After opening a learning account, please enter the [Learning Center] in the navigation bar of this website

    After logging in to the learning center, you can start booking/attending classes and start your learning journey!

  • -Singapore Gao Hua Chinese Synchronous Course-

    The course is synchronized with the Chinese teaching materials of MOE Primary School in Singapore. The course design combines the PSLE test setting to meet the needs of Singapore's local exams and further studies. Learn and make progress together with happy friends.


Course Title
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Course Introduction

Singapore MOE

Advanced Chinese for Primary School

Singapore primary school students

The course is compiled based on the Chinese teaching materials of MOE Primary School in Singapore, and the content of the course follows "Happy Partners".

Combined with the PSLE ​​exam, it sets targeted exercises, pays attention to the all-round improvement of the four major abilities of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and increases the classroom exercises of vocabulary, grammar, and texts. There are 6 levels, each level corresponds to the text content of different grades, and at the same time Add review link, add summary and after-class exercises to the writing link, emphasizing the combination of lecture and practice and error correction feedback, so that students can complete the learning closed loop of learning, practice, consolidation, and mastering in course, so as to truly check for gaps and fill in gaps, and use what they have learned .

Singapore MOE

Secondary Advanced Chinese

Singapore secondary school students

The course is compiled based on the Chinese textbooks of MOE Middle School in Singapore, and the course content follows the textbooks "Chinese with me" and "Chinese for Secondary Schools".

Combined with the O-Level exam, set up targeted exercises, pay attention to the comprehensive improvement of the four major abilities of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and increase the classroom exercises of vocabulary, grammar, and texts. There are 5 levels, and each level corresponds to the text content of different grades. At the same time, the review link is added, and the writing link is added with summary and after-course exercises, emphasizing the combination of lectures and practice and error correction feedback, allowing students to complete the learning, practice, consolidation, and mastery in the classroom. Useful.

Singapore Primary School

Writing Enhancement Course

Singapore primary school students

with middle school students

This course aims to improve the writing skills of students in Singapore. There are 5 levels in total, elementary, intermediate, advanced, picture-based composition, and middle school composition, corresponding to different levels of difficulty and writing word requirements.

The primary stage helps students draw relationship diagrams, analyze the structure of the article, and fully introduce common sentence patterns, step by step, the question types are simple and easy to understand, and good words and sentences are included in the composition; the intermediate stage systematically explains the opening method, ending method, and segmenting method to help students learn mood, The description of actions and dialogues provides model essays, examples and good sentences; the advanced stage provides in-depth explanations of common writing skills, so that students can learn to review questions and draw inferences from one instance, and at the same time consolidate idiom knowledge in the form of comics, helping students master more words and use them; see The picture composition is a comprehensive article of all the above composition systems, and it attaches great importance to training; the middle school composition mainly starts with the composition questions of the middle school common examination, and teaches the writing methods of different genres of composition.

Singapore Primary School

reading comprehension course

Singapore primary school students

with middle school students

This course aims to improve the reading ability of students in Singapore for exams. There are seven levels in total, and levels 1-7 correspond to different levels of difficulty and different reading genres.

Diaries, letters, announcements, advertisements, news, notices, speeches, narratives, argumentative essays, explanatory essays and other genres, corresponding to the real reading comprehension questions of the regular test, help students further master the problem-solving skills, the teaching method of combining lectures and practice, through the method of teaching- Real question training - the classroom form of induction and summary allows students to break through the barriers of reading difficulties in the classroom, classification training, progressive training, progressive training, gradually increasing the difficulty, which can not only consolidate what they have learned before, but also find out in old knowledge New answering skills.

Singapore Primary School

Oral Training Course

Singapore primary school students

with middle school students

This course aims to improve the speaking ability of Singaporean students. There are three levels in total, regular version, advanced version, and secondary school version, corresponding to Singapore primary school grades 3 and 4, grades 5 and 6, and middle school levels.

The comprehensive training of reading short texts, watching video conversations, and oral test simulation exercises can help students gradually improve their oral test ability, and build test scenarios in the form of simulated tests, so that students can gradually become familiar with the test mode in each course and easily cope with the oral test. The oral test training is over Afterwards, according to the corresponding materials, the precautions for answering questions will be given, and the method of answering questions will be mastered while accumulating oral test materials.

VIP customized course


Students of all ages


This course is specially designed for students with special needs. Exclusive materials can be provided for the reference of teaching teachers. Teachers make exclusive courseware according to the needs of parents and students, truly teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, so that children can improve their Chinese weak areas in a short period of time. , Rapidly improve Chinese ability and grades.

  • Grading curriculum system, step by step, spiral upward

    The course level is subdivided, and learning is done step by step. At different stages of children's growth, they can enlighten Chinese interest, master skills, and improve abilities. Provide each child with the most suitable Chinese course for their own level, as well as the learning plan and course content that best match their goals.

  • Authoritative and scientific teaching concepts can effectively improve the learning effect

    Use a scientific and suitable way for children to enhance the fun of the classroom, stimulate children's learning initiative, and effectively improve the learning effect

  • Immersive Learning Environment

    Learn Chinese online, and enter the Chinese interactive scene anytime, anywhere; 1v1 real-time interaction, enriching real scenes and topics, and more opportunities to practice speaking.

  • MAPS teaching process

    45 minutes per session, with input, output, and summary, to achieve a complete closed-loop learning, more detailed lectures, more sufficient exercises, and a firmer grasp of knowledge.

  • TPR interactive teaching

    Interesting magic classroom, with the help of teaching aids/gestures/online special effects, etc., direct communication teaching, improve fun, grasp attention, and mobilize enthusiasm.

  • Efficient review method

    Children can review the video to consolidate what they have learned and make the review more efficient; parents can check the child's learning status and learning effect through the video.

Teen English Program

In addition to online Chinese courses, children can also learn and practice English with us.

We select high-quality European and American foreign teachers from all over the world, with pure spoken language and authentic pronunciation, so that children can meet good foreign teachers in every course.

温馨提示 如何上课




登入学习中心后,即可开始订课/上课,开启学习之旅! Text




课程名称 适合对象 课程介绍












































分级课程体系   循序渐进,螺旋上升

课程级别细分,循序渐进学习,在孩子成长的不同阶段启蒙中文兴趣、掌握技能、提升能力, 为每个孩子提供最适合自己水平的中文课程,以及最匹配目标的学习方案与课程内容。

权威科学的教学理念 有效提升学习效果



在线学中文,随时随地进入中文互动场景;1v1实时互动,丰富真实的场景与话题,更多开口练习的机会。 Text


45分钟每节,有输入、有输出、有总结,实现完整学习闭环,授课更细致,练习更充分,知识掌握更牢固。 Text


有趣的魔法课堂,借助教具/手势/在线特效等,直接式沟通教学,提升趣味性,紧抓注意力,调动积极性。 Text


孩子可通过回看录像来巩固所学内容,让复习更高效;家长可通过录像来查看孩子的学习状态与学习效果。 Text





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