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a HanTok Hong Kong course / One-on-one online Chinese

a HanTok Hong Kong course / One-on-one online Chinese

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  • Warm reminder: For your benefit, HanTok recommends that you sign up for no more than 60 sessions each time.
  • Simultaneous courses in Hong Kong: Modern Chinese Language, Cultural Reading, Primary Chinese, Primary Five and Primary Six Chinese, GAPSK exam, sub-examination, etc.;
  • Suitable for Hong Kong primary and junior high school students aged 6-15;
  • Conform to the learning objectives and key content formulated by the "Hong Kong Education Bureau Curriculum Development Council";
  • The course content is adapted to Hong Kong's local examination and further education needs;
  • Contains three major curriculum systems: writing/reading/ancient poetry;
  • High-quality Chinese teachers with professional counterparts, 1v1 live online, real-time interaction;
  • 45 minutes per session, input/output/summary, complete closed-loop learning, and a firmer grasp of knowledge;
  • Efficient curriculum design, each child has an exclusive learning plan.
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  • Tips on how to take courses

    Within 24 hours after the payment is successful, a learning account will be opened for you;

    The learning account is the mobile phone number or email address you filled in when you paid for the order;

    After opening a learning account, please enter the [Learning Center] in the navigation bar of this website

    After logging in to the learning center, you can start booking/attending courses and start your learning journey!

  • -Synchronous Chinese Course for Hong Kong Elementary School-

    The content of the course is in line with the learning objectives and key content compiled by the "Hong Kong Education Bureau Curriculum Development Council" to meet the needs of Hong Kong's local examination and further education


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Course Introduction
Hong Kong elementary school writing development course Primary and junior high school students in Hong Kong To meet the needs of Hong Kong's local primary schools for examination and further education, and in line with the learning objectives and key content compiled by the "Hong Kong Education Department's Curriculum Development Council".
Starting from the different modules of words, words, sentences, paragraphs, and articles, gradually improve students' writing ability, and at the same time match the writing skills corresponding to each grade, so that students can easily master the writing methods of different genres of articles.
Reading Enhancement Course for Primary School in Hong Kong Hong Kong primary school students Improve the comprehensive ability of language use and reading comprehension in all aspects. The course focuses on cultivating the ability of word and sentence analysis, induction and generalization, language logic, and article structure. , so that students can master the ability to quickly and efficiently solve reading comprehension questions in a short period of time.
Hong Kong Ancient Poetry Reading Appreciation Course Hong Kong Primary School Grade 4-Secondary Grade 3 Help students connect with primary school, avoid knowledge gaps, meet the needs of junior high school Chinese test-taking, improve classical Chinese answering ability, formulate courses according to the "Hong Kong Education Department Curriculum Development Council" recommended classical Chinese chapters, systematically learn the types of ancient poems, and improve the ability to appreciate and analyze ancient poems, which will help Students accumulate function words, content words, and special sentence patterns in classical Chinese, distinguish and analyze ancient and modern meanings, master the methods of understanding classical Chinese texts, draw inferences from one instance, understand traditional Chinese culture, and feel the profoundness of Chinese characters.
VIP customized course Students of all ages This course is specially designed for students with special needs. Exclusive materials can be provided for the reference of teaching teachers. Teachers make exclusive courseware according to the needs of parents and students, truly teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, so that children can improve their Chinese weak areas in a short period of time. , Rapidly improve Chinese ability and grades.
  • Grading curriculum system, step by step, spiral upward

    The course level is subdivided, and learning is carried out step by step. At different stages of children's growth, they can enlighten Chinese interest, master skills, and improve abilities. Provide each child with the most suitable Chinese course for their own level, as well as the learning plan and course content that best match their goals.

Authoritative and scientific teaching concepts can effectively improve the learning effect

Use a scientific and suitable way for children to enhance the fun of the classroom, stimulate children's learning initiative, and effectively improve the learning effect

  • Immersive Learning Environment

    Learn Chinese online, and enter the Chinese interactive scene anytime, anywhere; 1v1 real-time interaction, enriching real scenes and topics, and more opportunities to practice speaking.

  • MAPS teaching process

    45 minutes per session, with input, output, and summary, to achieve a complete closed-loop learning, more detailed lectures, more sufficient exercises, and a firmer grasp of knowledge.

  • TPR interactive teaching

    Interesting magic classroom, with the help of teaching aids/gestures/online special effects, etc., direct communication teaching, improve fun, grasp attention, and mobilize enthusiasm.

  • Efficient review method

    Children can review the video to consolidate what they have learned and make the review more efficient; parents can check the child's learning status and learning effect through the video.

Teen English Program

In addition to online Chinese courses, children can also learn and practice English with us.

We select high-quality European and American foreign teachers from all over the world, with pure spoken language and authentic pronunciation, so that children can meet good foreign teachers in every course.