Rigorous Selection Process: Discover the Best HanTok Teachers for Your Language Learning Journey

HanTok insists on using local Chinese teachers who are Chinese language and literature or international Chinese education majors, and strictly reviews academic qualifications and qualification certificates. The pass rate of recruitment and screening does not exceed 3%. All teachers need to go through multiple rounds of screening, trial lectures, and employment After training and other processes, the students will be given formal lectures.

HanTok's Chinese teachers not only teach children solid Chinese knowledge, but also influence children's confidence and fluent Chinese expression ability through high-quality words and deeds.

Ensuring Teaching Quality and Learning Effectiveness: Our Stringent Teacher Management Assessment System

Layers of screening, multiple rounds of training, and selective admission; regular teaching and research meetings, from product to teaching, comprehensive and precise training.

———Strict selection———

  • match of major

    Chinese Language and Literature

    Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

  • Highly educated and highly qualified

    Graduated from prestigious schools at home and abroad

    More than 70% master's degree

  • Work with a certificate

    International Certificate of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

    Putonghua Level 2 A or above certificate

  • Experience

    More than 3 years of experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language

    Youth Teaching Experience

———Intensive cultivation———

  • Standardized courseware and teaching training

  • Child Psychology Training

  • Regular teaching and research meetings, the wisdom of the expert group

———Excellent Storage——

  • Respect children's choices and choose whichever they like

  • Can independently collect favorite teachers, making it more convenient to book courses

  • Scoring and evaluation mechanism, as well as elimination mechanism at the end

Enhancing Learning Effectiveness with Authoritative and Scientific Teaching Concepts

HanTok's online Chinese teachers use scientific and child-friendly methods to enhance the fun of the classroom, stimulate children's learning initiative, and effectively improve the learning effect.

  • Immersive Learning Environment

    Learn Chinese online, and enter the Chinese interactive scene anytime, anywhere; 1v1 real-time interaction, enriching real scenes and topics, and more opportunities to practice speaking.

  • Up-to-date course content

    The professional teaching and research team keeps up with international education and international examination trends, and continuously optimizes the course content, so that children's Chinese ability and test-taking skills can keep pace with the times.

  • MAPS teaching process

    45 minutes per session, with input, output, and summary, to achieve a complete closed-loop learning, more detailed lectures, more sufficient exercises, and a firmer grasp of knowledge.

  • TPR interactive teaching method

    Interesting magic classroom, with the help of teaching aids/gestures/online special effects, etc., direct communication teaching, improve fun, grasp attention, and mobilize enthusiasm.

Choose from a Diverse Range of High-Quality Chinese Foreign Language Teachers

Humorous and witty/gentle and patient/scholar from prestigious schools/enthusiasm and vigor/classic elegance... Diversified teaching styles, choose whichever you like

  • HanTok Teacher Cao

    Teacher Cao

    Master of Chinese Education, more than 5 years of teaching experience, active classroom atmosphere, good at motivating students, especially good at teaching Chinese characters, suitable for students in the basic enlightenment stage.

  • HanTok Teacher Feng

    Teacher Feng

    Graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University, the highest institution specializing in Chinese as a foreign language. More than 10 years of Chinese teaching experience, good at teaching in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

  • HanTok Teacher Hou

    Teacher Hou

    Master of Chinese Language Education from Beijing Language and Culture University, more than 5 years of experience, once taught intermediate and advanced Chinese at Harvard University, good at stimulating students' interest with scenario simulation teaching methods.

  • HanTok Techer Luo

    Teacher Luo

    Master of Chinese Education, more than 5 years of teaching experience, overseas Chinese and domestic middle school Chinese teaching experience, once assigned by the State Language Commission to train overseas Chinese teachers.

  • HanTok Teacher Zhang

    Teacher Zhang

    Master of National University of Singapore, with more than 10 years of experience in teaching and curriculum development, worked in the Ministry of Education abroad, and has been deeply involved in the field of Chinese education for overseas Chinese for many years.

  • HanTok Teacher Zhu

    teacher Zhu

    Master of Chinese Education, more than 5 years of online and offline teaching experience, a former university Chinese teacher, good at a variety of teaching methods, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, and teaching patiently and meticulously.

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