6 major curriculum features to improve children's mathematical ability

Singapore original textbook

Authoritative system leading teaching

Bilingual teaching by famous mathematics teachers

Dual training of language and skills

Professional teaching research & teaching method

Scientific guarantee of learning effect

Accurate assessment and grading

Customized exclusive learning plan

One lesson, one practice, review and consolidation

Lay a solid foundation What you learn is what you get

Classes are flexible and free

Private teaching classes on demand

Follow the Scientific Teaching Method to Cultivate Mathematical Thinking Steadily

C - P - A Pedagogy

Visualization - Graphical - Abstraction

Adopt Singapore's unique CPA teaching method to help children establish a good "number sense" and comprehensively improve children's mathematical abilities such as calculation, application, logical thinking, classification, statistics, and induction.

Model Method

modeling learning

Find the connection point between life and mathematics through modeling, so as to quickly clarify the problem-solving ideas in the face of complex problems, find solutions, and cultivate children's systematic mathematical thinking ability.

Singapore Mathematics Textbook

authoritative + systematic

The first place in the international double test year after year

International Math and Science Assessment Trends Test

(TIMSS) International Student Assessment Program


Recognized by top international schools

The course has been adopted by 60+ countries in North America, Southeast Asia and other regions

Home introduction, more than 1,500 schools in the United States use

Use this textbook .

Follow the Singapore Mathematics Teaching Framework

concepts, skills, processes, attitudes, metacognition

Knowing, anchoring the five elements of mathematics learning, realizing the

Analysis and solution of academic problems.

Pay attention to mathematical modeling ability

Help children simplify problems, organize ideas, and construct

The logic and laws behind Lima

Thinking and analyzing problems, using mathematical models to overcome


Graded Curriculum System

gradual spiral

According to the development characteristics of children's cognition and learning rules, suitable mathematical knowledge points, question types and problem-solving methods are designed for children of different ages, step by step, and the difficulty spirals up.

Elementary School Curriculum (G 1- G 5/ P 1-P6 )

Three major sections of knowledge + mathematical problem-solving skills

Middle School Curriculum (G 6-G8/S1-S4 )

Three major knowledge blocks + three major quality training

Cultivate mathematical thinking ability

Stimulate logical thinking and creativity

Develop number sense

Understand the relationship between numbers and master operations

skills to improve the accuracy of answering questions

logical thinking ability

Inspire thinking and reasoning, tap potential,

Broaden students' problem-solving thinking

Comprehensive application ability

Improve the application ability of mathematics scene,

solve practical problems in life

Data analysis capabilities

Cultivate multi-angle collection and analysis of data

Ability to improve thinking flexibility

Spatial imagination

Recognition of Solid and Plane in Geometry Learning

Graphics that develop spatial insight

innovative thinking ability

Apply the knowledge you have learned to think independently, produce

Progressive new ideas

Master of Mathematics

Multiple Guarantees for Bilingual Teaching

bilingual education

Bilingual teaching, more than 3 years of teaching experience

match of major

100% Bachelor degree or above in Mathematics and Science


100% teaching experience in international mathematics courses

scientific method

Good at Singapore mathematics teaching method

Master of Mathematics

Multiple Guarantees for Bilingual Teaching

★Personal education + small class, multiple options

90 minutes/session: 1V1, 1V2, 1V3, 1V4

★Free and flexible, start classes quickly

Classes are flexible, free to choose, classes are full, and self-organized classes are encouraged.