common problem

How to book a class?

APP/web version: Book - Select a teacher Book - Select the appropriate time (multiple time periods can be selected each time to book a course) - Confirm the booking Confirm

How do I download and upload assignments?

APP/Computer: Home - Homework Homework - Send to email Send to mail - After completing the homework, take a photo and upload it/or send it to the learning group

How to cancel a course?

Courses can be canceled 4 hours before course without liability.

APP: Home - Calendar (select the course you want to cancel) - Cancel course

Computer side: course Calendar on the left column - click on the class date you want to cancel - click "Cancel Class" to successfully cancel the class

Network problem can not enter the classroom

Please try to exit the application or close the webpage and re-enter the classroom.

Course method (how to enter the course)

①Mobile phone/tablet: Download the "HanTok" official APP, home page - course time - enter the classroom.

②Learning link on computer: https://student.ihantok.com/
(Please be sure to use Google Chrome)