✨HanTok International General Chinese Course Features

Professional team research and development

Follow authoritative teaching materials

A teaching and research team composed of Chinese education experts, as well as master teachers majoring in Chinese as a foreign language and ancient Chinese literature majors, deeply explores the characteristics of language learning for young children, follows the standards and characteristics of professional, authoritative, and systematic Chinese/Chinese teaching material systems in various places, and creates suitable Curriculum system for young learners.

Curriculum is highly targeted

Meet various needs

A general-purpose online Chinese course suitable for improving the comprehensive Chinese ability of international school students, as well as adults and teenagers who need Chinese grading examinations; at the same time, VIP customized courses can be provided, and exclusive materials can be provided for the reference of teaching teachers. Teachers are targeted according to the needs of parents and students Create your own courseware.

Chinese application and test-taking

double boost

Integrate the world's leading teaching concepts (creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, communication skills and cooperation skills) into teaching and teaching materials, and at the same time benchmark China/Hong Kong, China/Singapore's local entrance examination ability standards, so that Chinese application ability Double improvement with test-taking ability.

Benchmark authoritative

Language Assessment Criteria

Benchmark the core requirements of the International Chinese Proficiency Test HSK/YCT and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR), create a curriculum system suitable for young people, help students improve their Chinese application and local language test-taking ability, and easily cope with IGCSE/AP/SAT/ IB/ A-Level/ VCE/SAT and other international exams.

✨HanTok Online Chinese Course for Teenagers✨

Stimulate children's language potential and let Chinese empower the future

language knowledge

Chinese pinyin, syllable spelling,

pronunciation skills, intonation,

Reading awareness

practical skills

Improve Chinese listening and speaking skills,

daily communication skills,

Oral expression and reading ability

Core literacy

To understand Chinese culture and historical allusions,

Popularize Chinese civilization,

Inherit classic culture

Thinking consciousness

Cultivate Chinese thinking,

Build a solid Chinese foundation,

and the knowledge framework of the system

✨International general Chinese course

A general-purpose online Chinese course suitable for improving the comprehensive Chinese ability of international school students, as well as adults and teenagers who need Chinese grading examinations

Course Title Suitable for Course Introduction

KID Basic Enlightenment Course

Overseas children aged 5-7

Suitable for children aged 5-7, to cultivate interest in Chinese learning and build a sense of intimacy with Chinese learning.

Various forms of classroom activities create a relaxed and pleasant learning atmosphere, experience the fun of learning in rich game activities, complete the initial enlightenment from pronunciation to vocabulary, strokes to Chinese characters,

Based on actual life scenes, through situational understanding and knowledge reproduction, children can naturally master correct expression. Course Introduction

YOUTH Chinese Advanced Course

Overseas teenagers aged 7-18

It is suitable for young students aged 7-18, and is based on the Chinese curriculum of international schools; combined with the requirements of IGCSE, SAT, IB, AP and other international exams, it follows the inherent laws of Chinese and the laws of second language learning,

Step by step, master the standard Chinese usage, cultivate children's Chinese thinking ability, so that children can fully express their ideas in Chinese, pay attention to language application ability and cultural communication ability,

The content of the text is rich, the topics are diverse, and the improvement of reading and writing skills is emphasized.

HSK Chinese Level Examination Course

Overseas students aged 16 and above

Based on the HSK test syllabus, it fully covers the knowledge points of HSK levels 1-6, and the vocabulary and grammar correspond to the corresponding levels of the HSK test.

Meet the needs of Chinese grading examinations, adapt to different scenarios such as life, study, travel, and making friends, and effectively help students lay the foundation of Chinese, use Chinese accurately,

Clearly express opinions and improve all-round abilities in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It is suitable for teenagers, adults and other students who need to take the HSK test.

VIP customized course

Students of all ages

This course is specially designed for students with special needs. Exclusive materials can be provided for the reference of teaching teachers. Teachers make exclusive courseware according to the needs of parents and students.

Truly teach students in accordance with their aptitude, so that children can improve their Chinese weak areas in a short period of time, and quickly improve their Chinese ability and performance.

-Personalized online Chinese courses to meet various language learning needs-

The diversified and targeted curriculum system allows each child to have an exclusive learning plan.

Simultaneous Chinese courses for primary school students in Hong Kong

Simultaneous Chinese courses at Gaohua Singapore

Chinese special course

✨Graded course system, step by step, spiral upward

Course level subdivision, step-by-step learning, enlightening Chinese interest, mastering skills, and improving abilities at different stages of children's growth,

Provide each child with the most suitable Chinese course for their own level, as well as the learning plan and course content that best match their goals.

-Course Benchmarking HSK Evaluation Standards-

HSK standard level stage of language development Quality and ability training Language Proficiency Standards

HSK Level 1-2


cultivate interest in learning,

lay a solid foundation

Reading: Able to learn characters independently with the help of pinyin, can read articles with emotion, and can independently read simple fairy tales or stories.
Writing: Able to write a diary independently or write short stories like talking with pictures.
Expression: Able to communicate in Chinese on some common topics in daily life, and the oral expression is simple and direct.

HSK Level 3-4


Improve listening, speaking, reading and writing skills

Reading: Can understand abstract articles, and can independently summarize the purpose of the article, master common rhetorical methods, and have a general understanding of literary masterpieces.
Writing: Able to write news articles and other complex styles in Chinese.
Expression: Can use Chinese to deal with common topics in life, study, and work, express clearly and fluently, and be able to use Chinese to give speeches.

HSK Level 5-6


stimulate self-expression

Reading: Accumulate a large amount of encyclopedic knowledge, read articles of different themes extensively and without barriers, and be able to appreciate and analyze literary works in depth.
Writing : Proficiency in the use of more literary languages ​​for medium and long writing in various styles
Expression: Able to use Chinese for debate, express fluently and in an orderly manner, and be able to state one's point of view logically and clearly.

-International Common Course Level Table-

✨Authoritative and scientific teaching concepts can effectively improve the learning effect

Use a scientific and suitable way for children to enhance the fun of the classroom, stimulate children's learning initiative, and effectively improve the learning effect

Immersive Learning Environment

Learn Chinese online, and enter the Chinese interactive scene anytime, anywhere; 1v1 real-time interaction, enriching real scenes and topics, and more opportunities to practice speaking.

MAPS teaching process

45 minutes per session, with input, output, and summary, to achieve a complete closed-loop learning, more detailed lectures, more sufficient exercises, and a firmer grasp of knowledge.

TPR interactive teaching

Interesting magic classroom, with the help of teaching aids/gestures/online special effects, etc., direct communication teaching, improve fun, grasp attention, and mobilize enthusiasm.

Efficient review method

Children can review the video to consolidate what they have learned and make the review more efficient; parents can check the child's learning status and learning effect through the video.

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In addition to online Chinese courses, children can also learn and practice English with us.

We select high-quality European and American foreign teachers from all over the world, with pure spoken language and authentic pronunciation, so that children can meet good foreign teachers in every class.

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