How to make Chinese greeting cards


March is coming, International Women's Day is coming soon, women around the world will receive their own gifts on this day, children can try to make a Chinese greeting card for mom and other female elders to express blessings, today we will teach everyone to make Women's Day greeting cards together!



Step 1: Prepare the materials


To make a simple greeting card, you generally only need to prepare hard cardboard, colored pens, scissors, glue, and pay attention not to hurt yourself when making!



Step 2: Determine the card content


We can write Chinese greetings in the middle of the cardboard before drawing illustrations, and the writing format is as follows (example):





Dear Mom,

Today is Women's Day, your exclusive holiday, on this day, I want to wish you good health, success in your work, happy every day, we love you forever!

                                   Your child: XXX



Step 3: Check


Check the content of the greeting card for errors, modify it in time, and confirm that there are no problems before proceeding to the next step, so as not to lose all the previous achievements.



Step 4: Draw illustrations


Many children have strong drawing ability, so at this time we can add illustrations next to the body of the greeting card, or we can add them on the cover of the greeting card, the content of the painting is not limited, you can choose a photo with your mother, also can be a bouquet, gifts, etc.



Step 5: Other decorations


If there is enough time, in addition to illustrations, we can also use scissors and other colors of hard cardboard to cut out decorations in the shape of stars, peach hearts, etc., and glue them on the greeting card, so that the greeting card will be more perfect!



Step 6: Send greeting card


After the card is completed, we can choose the time and method of sending the card, either quietly on the mother's dresser or directly to the mother. We believe that mothers will be very moved when they receive greeting cards made by their children!



Well, the above is today's sharing, children can prepare in advance, and must pay attention to safety during the production process! This handmade greeting card written in Chinese must be the best gift!