Celebrity CP hidden in Chinese idiom


In a previous issue, we introduced the idioms commonly used when writing articles, what do you remember? Have you used it in your own Chinese writing? Today's sharing is still about idioms, but today is more interesting! We bring you familiar idiom stories from Chinese children, and it involves many ancient Chinese celebrity CP, you can also share them with your good friends after learning! Come and take a look!


  • 高山流水( ɡāo shān liú shuǐ)


This idiom comes from 《列子·汤问》, which is a metaphor for a song that is elegant and beautiful, and now it also refers to the difficulty of finding a soulmate. The protagonists of this story are Boya and Ziqi, Boya was a famous luthier at that time, once went out to meet a woodcutter, and when they were resting together, Boya took out the guqin and began to play, but he did not expect that every time he played the song, he could be heard by the Zi qi about the things that the music sang, especially the two songs that no one else understood, praising mountains and rivers. Since then, they have become good friends, but the good times did not last long, and then Ziqi died, and Boya's was really sad, thinking that it would be impossible to find a soulmate like Ziqi, so Boya destroyed the guqin and never played the guqin again.


  • 管鲍分金( ɡuǎn bào fēn jīn)


This idiom comes from the 《史记·管晏列传》, which is a metaphor for deep friendship and mutual understanding. The protagonists are Guan Zhong and  Bao Shu Ya, they met very early, and later did business together, because Bao S hu Ya's family conditions are relatively poor, Guan Zhong will always give benefits to Bao Shu Ya, his subordinates can't look past it, ask Guan Zhong why he is like this, Guan Zhong replied that because he originally planned to help Bao Shu Ya, he didn't care about this, and Guan Zhong did not allow his subordinates to continue to do this kind of discord-sowing thing.


  • 闻鸡起舞( wén jī qǐ wǔ)


This idiom originally referred to getting up and dancing the sword when heard the rooster's crow, but now it is also a metaphor for the spirit of perseverance and perseverance. The protagonists are Zu Ti and Liu Kun, both of whom are good friends, both eager to make achievements and have lofty ideals. Once Zu Ti heard the rooster crowing in his sleep, so he woke Liu Kun up and went to dance the sword together, and finally through such day-to-day practice, they became very talented people, and all became high-ranking officials.



The above is today's sharing, in addition, there are idiom stories such as 程门立雪 and 负荆请罪, if you want to know more about Chinese culture, you can pay attention to HanTok cultural reading courses!