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It is a challenge to read an ancient text with only one pronunciation in the whole article, come and have a try!

Friends who have learned Chinese should know that it takes a relatively long process of familiarization from relying on pinyin to recognize and read only Chinese characters, and it is even more painful when it comes to homophones and similar characters. Today, let's take a look at some wonderful Chinese tongue twisters, adjust our limits, and see if we can conquer "the most difficult language in the world"!

Although Chinese has undergone thousands of years of changes, due to the constraints of the "book with the same text" system in various dynasties, no matter how the writing form changes, its core has not undergone qualitative changes, and the evolution still retains its original characteristics. Other languages ​​in the same period, such as Latin, the originator of the Indo-European language family, have already gradually withdrawn from the language stage due to the changes of the times. Having said so much, I believe everyone can't wait to start today's challenge. Next, let's read an article with a total of 96 characters but only one pronunciation "shi" !

Note: The following articles are likely to be incomprehensible just by listening. You may be able to read them, but does being able to read them mean that you can understand them?

 【Original Text】-"Shi's History of Eating Lions"

Shi Shi, a poet in the stone chamber, was fond of lions and vowed to eat ten lions. The Shi family always regards the market as a lion. At ten o'clock, it's time for ten lions and the market. It's time, Shi Shishi is right for the market. Shi Shi regarded them as ten lions, and relying on the momentum, he caused the ten lions to die. Shi Shishi is ten lion corpses, suitable for stone chambers. The stone chamber was wet, and the envoys of the clan wiped the stone chamber. After the stone chamber was wiped, Shi Shi began to try to eat ten lion corpses. When eating, I first realized that it was ten lion corpses, but it was actually ten stone lion corpses. Interpretation is a matter.

【Translation】-"The Story of Shi Shi Eating a Lion"

There was a poet named Shi who lived in a stone house. He liked to eat lions and vowed to eat ten lions. This gentleman often goes to the market to look for lions. At ten o'clock that day, exactly ten big lions arrived at the market. He happened to be at the market at this time. So, watching the ten lions, the gentleman killed them with his bow and arrows. The gentleman carried the dead body of the lion and walked back to the stone house. The stone house was very damp, so my husband asked his servant to clean the stone house. After rubbing, Mr. began to try to eat the corpses of these ten lions. When he was eating, he realized that these ten lion carcasses were not real lion carcasses, but ten lion carcasses made of stone. Only then did Mr. realize that this was the truth of the matter. (I) try to explain the matter.

Chinese Pinyin Edition】-"Shi(shī) shi(shì) food(shí) lion(shī) history(shǐ)"

Shi (shí) room (shì) poem (shī) scholar (shì) Shi (shī) family (shì), addiction (shì) lion (shī), oath (shì) food (shí) ten (shí) lion (shī) .

Shi (shī) Shi (shì) Shi (shí) Shi (shí) Shi (shì) City (shì) Shi (shì) Lion (shī).

Ten (shí) when (shí), appropriate (shì) ten (shí) lion (shī) appropriate (shì) city (shì).

It is (shì) when (shí), suitable (shì) Shi (shī) family (shì) suitable (shì) city (shì).

Shi(shī) shi(shì) regard(shì) is(shì) ten(shí) lion(shī), rely on(shì) arrow(shǐ) potential(shì),

Shi (shǐ) is (shì) ten (shí) lion (shī) death (shì) world (shì).

Shi (shì) Pick up (shí) is (shì) ten (shí) lion (shī) corpse (shī), suitable (shì) stone (shí) room (shì).

Shi (shí) room (shì) wet (shī), shi (shì) envoy (shǐ) waiter (shì) wipe (shì) stone (shí) room (shì).

Stone (shí) room (shì) wipe (shì), family (shì) beginning (shǐ) test (shì) food (shí) is (shì) ten (shí) lion (shī) corpse (shī).

Food (shí) time (shí), beginning (shǐ) knowledge (shí) is (shì) ten (shí) lion (shī) corpse (shī), real (shí) ten (shí) stone (shí) lion (shī) Corpse (shī).

Try (shì) explain (shì) is (shì) thing (shì).

Can you read the above article accurately? Isn't it amazing! Many students said that the difficulty was too high, and they were sweating profusely after reading it. The editor will explain to you why Chinese can express a complete story with the same pronunciation.

Chinese is a character-based language, that is, 1 character-1 syllable-1 concept, which is a strict correspondence. Everyone should know that each pinyin in Chinese corresponds to many different Chinese characters, and each Chinese character contains many meanings, which means that each word and sound has its own meaning.

However, in most Western languages, the words corresponding to different pronunciations are mostly fixed, so many foreigners will face this problem when learning Chinese: how to find the corresponding Chinese characters through pinyin and then understand the meaning of words. Chinese is a monosyllabic word, and expressing infinite meaning through limited syllables needs to be distinguished by syllables. Only in this way can the generation efficiency of Chinese characters be improved.

Homophone poem "Xi Xi Xi"

Xixi rhinoceros likes to play. Xi Xi migrated with her rhinoceros day and night, and Xi Xi carefully practiced washing her rhinoceros. The rhinoceros sucks the brook and attacks Xi. Xi Xi Xixi hope to stop playing. Cherish the rhinoceros hiss and Xi Xixi.

Therefore, it is easy to appear in Chinese that a syllable like this completes a whole article. Next, let's look at some entry-level tongue twisters, try to read aloud to see if your pronunciation is accurate!

Level 1: Fertilizers will volatilize

Level 2: black fertilizer turns gray, gray fertilizer turns black

Level 3: Black chemical fertilizers will volatilize when they turn gray, and gray fertilizers will turn black when they volatilize

Level 4: Black chemical fertilizers will turn gray and flowers will fly when they volatilize, gray fertilizers will turn black and flowers will fly when they volatilize

Level 5: The black gray fertilizer will volatilize and turn gray and black into flying flowers, and the gray and black fertilizer will volatilize and turn black ash into flying flowers

Level 6: black gray chemical fertilizer ash will volatilize and turn gray black into black gray flowers will fly, gray black fertilizer black will volatilize black ash into black gray and fly flowers will turn into gray

You can also try the following.

  1. The weather has been bad these days.
  2. It was raining today and I almost fell down when I was riding a bike. Fortunately, I managed to hold on.
  3. Thanks to running a few steps, I almost missed the bus to Shanghai.
  4. If a person can do it, he can do it in a row, in a row, in a row, and he can do whatever he wants. If you can't do it, you can't do it in one line, you can't do it in one line, you can't do it in one line, you can't do it in one line.

The way of thinking and experience of human beings are largely recorded and shaped by language. Therefore, only by mastering the essence, connotation and expression of a language can we truly experience the cultural core behind this language.

Can you read the article shared today fluently? Welcome to leave a message to tell us~ You are also welcome to subscribe to our courses and explore more interesting Chinese knowledge with HanTok teacher!

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