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With the increasing popularity of Chinese, Chinese is increasingly regarded as an important communication tool. As parents, how should we cultivate children's interest in learning Chinese? Even parents with very good Chinese skills may face challenges in guiding and stimulating their children's interest in learning Chinese. Today, let's take a look at how to easily help children cultivate their interest in learning Chinese at home.
Integrate Chinese into daily life

    Many schools offer Chinese courses, and some schools have Chinese courses as compulsory subjects, so the intensity of learning and training is actually not bad, so many children no longer use Chinese after school, thinking that they have used it enough in class . However, we suggest that as long as possible, try to use Chinese to speak out the daily necessities and explain their meanings. These items can be at home, or they can be signs and billboards seen on the way home. Guide children to pronounce and repeat these words, It is even used to make sentences, which is a very good way to consolidate Chinese. If parents and friends do not speak Chinese very well, they can use mobile phone translation tools to translate between Chinese and foreign languages ​​and explain the pronunciation and meaning of each word in detail. We can also create scenes for children to use Chinese to help them develop the habit of speaking Chinese in their daily life. For example, you can say "hello", "thank you", "goodbye" and other everyday expressions in Chinese when chatting with neighbors or going to the store to buy things.


    Interpret Chinese fonts and tell them what they mean

      We know that many children are not interested in learning Chinese because Chinese characters are too difficult to write. This is indeed a big challenge for children. We can try to add some interesting things in it, telling the stories behind some simple Chinese characters, the origin and development of these Chinese characters, which can help children better understand Chinese characters and Chinese culture. In addition, we can further enhance children's interest in learning Chinese characters through the pictographic connection of Chinese characters. There are many examples of this kind, such as "mouth", "person", "door", "month", "day" and so on.

      Chinese characters are made up of different shapes called radicals, which give meaning to the words. Understanding the rules of using some common radicals can help children establish connections between many Chinese words and improve their ability to understand and use Chinese characters. Therefore, we can compete with children on a weekly basis to collect Chinese characters with three dots of water, and set some small rewards that children are interested in, so as to stimulate children's interest in learning.


      Spark interest with learning tools

        The most convenient thing in daily life is to watch Chinese programs, film and television works, picture books, etc. Just watching is not enough. We can let the children retell what they saw in Chinese, and they can also add their own thoughts to practice Chinese. output capacity. In addition, taking children to experience the charm of traditional Chinese culture is another effective way to enhance their interest in learning Chinese. After many children have accumulated a certain amount of vocabulary, everyone will encourage them to form words and make sentences . During this process, we found that children often make many grammatical and word mistakes, which makes us laugh and cry. The reason for this problem is insufficient input. To carry out effective output, we must first do a sufficient amount of input, that is, reading and listening. In terms of reading, children at the elementary level can start with picture books, and those at a higher level can read more in-depth Chinese books, such as Chinese story books. These picture books and books should be relatively easy to find or buy online now.

        In fact, there are many ways to learn Chinese, but as long as the above three points are achieved, I believe that children's Chinese learning will be easier and more efficient, and at the same time allow children to appreciate the charm of Chinese culture. If you want to know more Chinese learning information, you can follow HanTok online Chinese education, and we will continue to bring you more Chinese-related information.




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