PSLE Oral High Score Tips 2023

PSLE Chinese oral exam is one of the compulsory subjects for primary six students in Singapore every year. Students need to showcase their Chinese communication skills through the oral test. Here are some tips for psle oral exam preparation and answering techniques, as well as a list of the ten most common essay types or topics in Chinese PSLE oral exam.

Exam Preparation Tips

  1. Practice Oral Expression: The psle oral exam is designed to test the student's Chinese oral ability, so it is necessary to practice Chinese oral expression a lot during exam preparation. You can seek help from a senior Chinese teacher or attend Chinese language courses to improve your oral ability.
  2. Pay Attention to Pronunciation and Tone: Examiners will pay attention to your pronunciation and tone, so it is essential to pay attention to pronunciation and tone. You can improve your tone and pronunciation by listening to Chinese audio or watching Chinese movies.
  3. Improve Listening Skills: There will be a listening test in the oral exam, so it is necessary to improve your Chinese listening skills. You can improve your Chinese listening skills by listening to Chinese broadcasts or reading Chinese articles aloud.
  4. Be Prepared: Before the psle oral exam, you need to do adequate preparation, including familiarizing yourself with the exam process and preparing the necessary materials.



Answering Techniques for PSLE Oral Exam

  1. Have a Structured Answer: When answering questions, you need to have a clear structure, including an opening, body, and conclusion. When answering questions, you need to state your opinion first, and then provide specific examples to support your opinion.
  2. Use Appropriate Language: When answering questions, you need to use appropriate language, including correct grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure. You can improve your language proficiency by practicing oral expression during exam preparation.
  3. Be Clear: When answering questions, you need to express your ideas clearly and avoid using vague language or irrelevant content. You can think more before answering questions to ensure that your answers can clearly express your opinion.
  4. Emphasize your Opinion: You can emphasize your opinion when answering questions to help examiners understand your thoughts more clearly.



    The Ten Most Common Oral Types or Topics

    1.Family: Discussing family members, family activities, and responsibilities. 2.School life: Describing the school environment, curriculum, teachers, and classmates. 3.Hobbies and interests: Talking about personal hobbies, talents, and interests, and sharing related experiences and feelings. 4.Travel experiences: Describing personal travel experiences, tourist attractions, cultural experiences, and takeaways. 5.Culinary culture: Introducing traditional cuisines, eating habits, and culinary cultures from China and other places. 6.Healthy living: Discussing healthy habits, exercise, diet, and the importance of maintaining physical and mental well-being. 7.Environmental conservation: Talking about environmental protection, energy conservation, waste reduction, and sustainable development. 8.Social media: Exploring the use of social media, its pros and cons, and its impact on individuals and society. 9.Traditional culture: Introducing traditional Chinese festivals, customs, and cultural traditions, and discussing their significance and influence. 10.Future plans: Describing personal future plans, career aspirations, and individual goals, and discussing how to achieve them.

    These themes cover various aspects of students' daily lives, aiming to assess their oral expression, logical thinking, and language organization skills. By preparing and practicing these topics, students can familiarize themselves with relevant vocabulary and expressions, and train their oral fluency and confidence. It is also important for candidates to apply their language knowledge and skills flexibly, demonstrate their personality and thinking abilities, and achieve good results in the oral exam.

    We hope these exam preparation tips and common essay topics can help students achieve high scores in PSLE oral exam.If you need to further improve your English proficiency, you can attend the language courses offered by iHanTok or choose our synchronous Chinese course in Singapore premium.

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