PSLE Chinese Composition Grading Criteria

PSLE Chinese Composition Grading Criteria

In the PSLE ​​(Primary School Leaving Examination) Chinese exam, the composition section plays a crucial role in assessing students' overall language abilities and is a key factor in achieving high scores. Grading criteria are of paramount importance in the PSLE ​​Chinese composition exam. This This article will provide a comprehensive understanding of the grading criteria for PSLE ​​Chinese compositions and offer practical writing tips.

Overview of PSLE ​​Grading Criteria

In the PSLE ​​Chinese exam, compositions are typically divided into two parts: practical and regular compositions. The grading criteria encompass several key aspects:


The PSLE ​​grading criteria first focus on the content of the Chinese composition. This includes whether students can accurately comprehend and respond to the Chinese essay prompt and whether there is a clear central idea. The evaluation also considers the depth and breadth of the Chinese essay, assessing whether it contains sufficient information and details to support the central idea.

Recommendation: Before writing a Chinese essay, carefully read the essay prompt to ensure a thorough understanding. Concentrate on conveying a clear central idea in your Chinese essay and provide relevant details to support your viewpoint.


The PSLE ​​grading criteria also assess the organization of the Chinese essay. This includes the logical connections between paragraphs and whether the Chinese essay has a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Attention is paid to transitions between paragraphs to ensure a smooth flow of ideas.

Recommendation: Use appropriate transition words and sentences while writing to create seamless connections between different parts of the essay. Make sure the introduction introduces the topic, and the conclusion summarizes the main points.

Chinese Language Use

The PSLE ​​grading criteria further cover Chinese language use. This encompasses Chinese grammar, spelling, correct vocabulary usage, and the variety and complexity of sentences. The evaluation also focuses on whether the Chinese language used is clear and fluent.

Recommendation: Pay special attention to Chinese grammar and spelling while writing. Strive to use a variety of Chinese sentence structures and rich vocabulary to enhance the language level of the essay.


The grading criteria include the expressive quality of the essay. This involves the vividness of language, emotional expression, and the use of rhetorical devices. Evaluation considers whether the Chinese essay can engage the reader and evoke resonance.

Recommendation: Use vivid and expressive Chinese language to describe things and convey emotions in your writing. Employ rhetorical devices such as metaphors and parallelism to enhance the essay's expressiveness.

Ideas and Perspectives

The PSLE ​​grading criteria also take into account the essay's ideas and perspective. It assesses whether students can express clear, independent viewpoints and provide strong arguments to support those viewpoints.

Recommendation: When writing, express your viewpoints clearly and provide relevant examples or arguments to support them. Ensure that your viewpoints are distinct and explicit.

Chinese Writing Improvement Tips

In addition to understanding the grading criteria, here are some tips to enhance your PSLE ​​Chinese composition writing skills:

Read and Write Extensively

Read a variety of Chinese articles, including news, stories, and essays, to improve your Chinese reading comprehension and writing skills. Additionally, practice writing compositions to gain experience and refine your expressive abilities.

Careful Prompt Analysis

Before you begin writing, carefully analyze the Chinese essay prompt to ensure a full understanding of the requirements. Avoiding straying from the main topic.

Outline Your Composition

Before you start writing, create an outline listing the main points and supporting arguments to be included in your essay. This will help maintain a clear structure.

Proofread and Revise

After completing your essay, set aside time for proofreading and revision. Look for spelling and grammar errors and ensure that the language flows smoothly.

Rich Chinese Vocabulary and Sentence Structures

Strive to use a diverse range of Chinese vocabulary and sentence structures to showcase language diversity and flexibility in your essay.

By understanding the PSLE ​​grading criteria and employing appropriate writing strategies, you can achieve higher scores in the composition section of the PSLE ​​Chinese exam. Remember, writing is an ongoing process, and continuous practice and reflection will help elevate your Chinese writing skills.

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