Singapore psle Chinese Exam tips for 2023

2023 Singapore PSLE ​​Chinese Test Tips

The Chinese language in Singapore's PSLE ​​is becoming more and more important. If you have an excellent Chinese score, you will have an advantage in subsequent admissions. It is not a dream to go directly to a prestigious school!

For students who are about to take the exam, understanding the exam structure, knowing what to test, and then breaking through them one by one is the secret to success! The following HanTok senior Chinese teacher will share with you the PSLE ​​Chinese test skills.

What does PSLE ​​Advanced Chinese Exam test ?
Paper 1: Composition
Exam duration: 50 minutes Score: 40 minutes Examination content: Situational composition, completed article 

Ability requirements: strong language organization and writing ability

Paper 2: Chinese Application + Reading Comprehension
Exam duration: 80 minutes Score: 60 minutes Examination content: comprehensive filling in the blanks, word writing, article comprehension
Ability requirements: Strong writing comprehension ability and thinking ability
The questions of the Advanced Chinese Test are novel and the method is flexible, requiring careful preparation and a lot of practice

Singapore PSLE ​​Chinese Exam Preparation Strategy 1
Advanced Chinese Paper 1: Composition
Candidates are faced with two types of essay writing during the exam, situational essays and completed essays, and they can choose one of the two. 

he two types of essays will give the situation or corpus, and candidates need to carefully review the situation and corpus

Three questions: what happened? Why did it happen? what's the result?
Three things to do: Understand the story line of the article; draw up a topic by yourself; use association and imagination to write an article or complete the article
One request: no less than 200 words
Two purposes: This type of composition needs to use the methods of "adding branches and leaves" and "adding oil and vinegar" to add details and make the article full
Master one question, two questions, three questions and three actions, and you will get the score naturally!


Singapore PSLE ​​Chinese Exam Preparation Strategy 2
Advanced Chinese Test Paper 2: Language Application + Reading Comprehension <br>Part 1: Language Application, there are two types of questions:
The first type: comprehensive fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions from 8 to 5, you need to read the whole text, choose according to the context The second type: word correction, 5 objective questions, correct the mistakes to get points

The second part of reading comprehension consists of two articles with an average of 6-7 questions. It is basically an open-ended question and answer , and you need to express your own views in combination with the content of the article . It is recommended to use the total-point-total method to answer the questions. Reading comprehension mainly examines thinking ability , divergent thinking, reverse thinking, non-contradictory thinking...
It is necessary to expand the mind at ordinary times, gradually establish various thinking modes, and face open questions and answers in order to be targeted!

For more exam information, please pay attention to HanTok, happy HanTok study, let's prepare for 2023PSLE together!

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